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Due to our large wholesale catalog of branded watches – we have a very competitive B2B offer for CLUSE designer watches as well. With the brands provided by us we have helped our partners to successfully take part in the CLUSE Designer watch luxury market. is the wholesale branded watch distributor for CLUSE branded watches that offers a large variety of wholesale solutions. This platform will provide you with access to the wholesale branded watches market for CLUSE combined with numerous other great brands.

There is a great variety of designer watches and thisbrand’s recognition in the market is worldwide, especially when it comes to their timepieces. Take this great opportunity to offer your customers something new, something that they might have coveted for quite some time. With our help, you will find wholesale watches with B2B business solutions and succeed in the brand watch market.

CLUSE timepieces are considered to be one of the most fitting members of the designer watches in this modern market. Nowadays these types of watches are worn by people in numerous countries and cultures around the globe.

After you order, you will see that the watches we offer are completely new from the factory with an original brand presentation box, UPC tags, instructions, and warranty booklets.

There are plenty of wholesale orders that we offer our partners. This applies to Cluse and, of course, other designer wholesale watch brands as well. Free shipping is guaranteed for regular wholesale orders.

In order to browse our CLUSE watches wholesale catalog, you must visit our Shop page after Registering your account. If you have any questions, please visit our contact us page.

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The History of the CLUSE Designer Brand

The CLUSE brand was established in the Netherlands in 2013. Their products mainly compete in the minimalist designer watch market as  this is a great approach for them.

Because of the CLUSE designer brand’s successful marketing in the timepieces field, our wholesale designer watch discounts aim to provide our partners’ satisfaction. Of course, due to their minimalist style, CLUSE branded watches have never caused too much attention in a person’s wardrobe and do not take over your style completely when compared to other branded accessories. This is guaranteed to appeal to this stylish brand’s consumers globally.

CLUSE designer watches have always been special due to their beautiful look combined with a simple technical style that is accomplished with the help of their design experts. These branded watches are designed for women, but due to their popularity, some models are worn by men as well and are seen as unisex watches.

How much popularity exactly? Well…CLUSE as a designer watch brand has  established a respectful social media presence, meaning, they have attracted more than 2.7 million customers and followers worldwide. CLUSE has put a lot of effort into increasing their global sales as quickly as possible. This part also is done with the help of designer brands, accessories bloggers that help them build a more substantial presence and tell the story around their brand. offers you a large wholesale stock of CLUSE branded watches. Due to our extensive wholesale discounts our CLUSE watch pricing is very affordable to our partner companies worldwide. Our wholesale designer watch and other accessory solutions are guaranteed to give your business an opportunity for a prosperous partnership with wholesale brands distribution platform


CLUSE Overall Quality


If any concerns arise  and your confidence in our designer watches’ quality is challenged, you can rest assured ast our company offers a two-year warranty not only for CLUSE watches but for all of our other products. The warranty itself covers defects that have occured due to the manufacturing process.

This said, the branded model quality of CLUSE watches is one of the many reasons contributing to their success. Their arsenal includes a very reliable Japanese quartz movement but note that the watches may demand battery replacement every 2 or more years. The strap quality for the CLUSE designer brand is wonderful because the straps themselves are made of genuine leather or stainless steel only. Some CLUSE watches use Milanese deployment clasp that has a click-on/click-off functional system which helps with the change between numerous watch straps.

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