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Diesel Watches Wholesale – B2B Distribution by DialDist.com

Diesel branded watches have a very bold style and numerous functions that are guaranteed to stand out in the brand wristwatch market. Diesel watches are made only for men, therefore we encourage our partners to understand their target customer segment before placing their  orders. Our partner businesses benefit every time when these watches are offered, which is largely due to the substantial demand in the brand watches market. One fact is clear to our customers – this brand brings in sales and profit, especially with the help of our wholesale designer watch distribution.

Upon buying our Diesel watches in wholesale quantities, our customers receive the additional discount for better order savings every time, if the order is placed for larger quantities, the discount offered gets progressively more substantial from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). As our customers have bought more Diesel and other brand watches they mainly have come to the conclusion that their trust is highly appreciated as it depends on our mutual success.

In order to browse our Diesel watches wholesale catalog, you must visit our Shop page after Registering your account. If you have any questions, please visit our contact us page.

The current coupon codes for order discounts – Free shipping included

All Orders for USD 1 500+ grant an additional 10% discount. Use the coupon code: 10disc

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You can view our Diesel watches wholesale selection in our Shop page, where you will find that we offer a large selection of models and robust styles that will keep your retail business customers satisfied. When buying Diesel designer watches in wholesale quantities, depending on the quantity of your order, we guarantee that you will receive the best wholesale offering in the designer watches market.

When the order reaches the minimum order quantity for the discount, just add the discount codes that are located on the Shop page and cart page. We guarantee that working together with DialDist.com as your wholesale branded product supplier we will grow together with each shipment.


What are Diesel Designer Watches?


Diesel, was founded  in 1978 by Renzo Rosso in Italy and became popular as a design company with a relatively narrow niche of clothing.  The brand was relatively unknown globally in the first years after its launch due to their limited product selection, but as time went on the Diesel company launched numerous other accessories, one of these accessories were the beautifully robust men’s designer watches.

Because of many successful brand scaling decisions, today, as you might know, the Diesel designer brand and their brand watches are respected globally and have gained popularity in the last couple of decades. Thus in the early 2000’s the brand has already strongly positioned itself as a fashion icon not only in their clothing niche but also as  a robust brand watch icon known to most watch enthusiasts and regular wrist watch wearers who like its appeal.

The Diesel Brand in Recent Years

Even after all this time, the Diesel Designer Brand has come up with a large number of improved innovations, especially for their watches. Because of this, our branded watch wholesale stock is updated regularly, and we ensure that our Diesel watches collections are new and up to date every time. Along with the watches’ robust dial, it features mostly stainless steel and genuine leather bands. These are specific to  each model. The Diesel brand has produced displays for their branded watches that are mostly analogue, but there are some models with digital displays, more typically these are the latest models in the market right now.

Diesel designer watches have been bought from dialdist.com and distributed globally with the help of numerous sellers that are increasing each month, both in their private stores and popular online platforms such as Amazon or eBay

Our Diesel watches wholesale stock has got around 80-90 models, depending on availability. If you or your customers are interested in more exclusive watch models, we can provide some of them as well, but we encourage you to visit our Contacts page regarding this information.

Quality From an Italian Brand


The Diesel brand watch quality has been discussed since making their first models. Brands from Italy almost always have a huge amount of pride in their product design.

But does the quality live up to the design? The overall answer is – ‘Yes!’. he Diesel watch’s robust design reflects in a superior quality too. Diesel watches have reliable quartz movements surrounded by quality stainless steel cases. Some Diesel watches have their water-resistance lifted to 10 ATM and for more sportier models this is a standard. These watches are used for outdoor activities such as swimming, diving or even rock climbing worldwide.

Even by understanding all of these Diesel watch qualities, no watch is indestructible, therefore our company offers a two-year warranty for these branded watches as long as they are completely new and unused. DialDist.com provides wholesale Diesel watches that are straight from the factory, of course, all of our products are completely new and intact, coming with an original Diesel watch box. Inside the packaging, there are instructions and warranty booklets with authenticity tags.


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