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Burberry is a relatively popular brand in the wristwatch market, therefore we provide you the best watch models from this brand according to customer demand. New designs are updated frequently by us and appear in our wholesale catalog. People who enjoy this brand have proven that the Burberry watches are a timeless classic and their fashion logo is generally known globally for many years, especially in European and United States fashion markets.

DialDist.com offers you the best authentic Burberry wholesale watches. Buying these watches at B2B prices will guarantee you get the best offer compared to other distributors due to our cost-effective discount system and free shipping for our regular wholesale orders. Our partners have greatly increased their overall fashion watch revenue in their companies thanks to our wholesale platform and very helpful customer support service.

DialDist.com provides wholesale Burberry brand watches that are coming directly from the factory and from our warehouses in Europe and Asia., All of our products are brand new and intact, and come in an original Burberry watch box. Inside the packaging, there are instructions and warranty booklets with authenticity tags.

In our Burberry wholesale watches B2B catalog, you will discover numerous popular designer watches that have reached high market demand globally.

In order to browse our Burberry watches wholesale catalog, you must visit our Shop page after Registering your account. If you have any questions, please visit our contact us page.

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Wholesale Burberry Watches for Your Business

DialDist.com guarantees the most discounted Burberry watches in the wholesale market since we are working directly with the brand manufacturers and our discounts increase progressively as the quantity of Burberry watches you order increases. We guarantee you a reliable high-quality product and order delivery when receiving Burberry and other designer wholesale brand watches. We have high stock quantities of Burberry wholesale models and update them frequently to meet customer demand.

We are sure that Burberry watches will be in demand by your retail customers, due to their great reputation in the global market. Therefore browsing our wholesale Burberry stock will give you an insight into how DialDist.com will supply your retail business. Our Burberry timepieces have a great price discount from the regular retail price which will massively increase your profit margins, something that has been tested time and again by our business partners.

 Wholesale Demand for Burberry Designer Watches
Since you might have previous experience with another wholesaler you probably understand how important the product pricing is for your retail stores internal revenue. Therefore, our product’s total pricing depends on the order quantity due to our increasing bonus discounts from the usual wholesale pricing system.

After browsing our wholesale catalog you will see that the prices for these watches range from around $85 to $170 without discounts but at retail, the prices range from $230 to an average maximum of $1000. Therefore you will have a fantastic opportunity to grow your retail business to new heights. Our wholesale distribution platform offers currently around 150 Burberry watch models for Men and Women as well as Unisex watches.

DialDist.com provides wholesale Burberry watches that are straight from the factory, and all of our products are brand new and intact, and come in an original Burberry watch box. Inside the packaging, there are instructions and warranty booklets with authenticity tags.

Burberry Designer Watches Description

The Burberry Group is a luxury British fashion brand based in London, England. This brand’s main fashion product focus and distribution are on apparel (for which it is most famous for), outerwear, other fashion accessories, numerous fragrances, brand sunglasses, and cosmetics.

Since this brand’s establishment in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, it has gained a great reputation in the luxury brand watch industry. In 2001, Burberry  made a deal with the Fossil Group, a big player in the Swiss watch industry, to manufacture  Burberry brand watches for world-wide distribution.

There have been some rumors that Burberry designer watches are overpriced Fossil watch group creations. Originally from Texas, the Fossil group bought the Swiss wristwatch brand Zodiac and numerous other watch companies. The Burberry distribution/manufacturing agreement may just be another way for the Fossil group to increase its global presence and overall turnover.


Burberry Watches Functionality

Of course, Burberry watches will show you the time of day, by giving a definite hour and minute markers, and often the second marker as other  branded watches. But many will show you the watch calendar as well.

Other functions for these branded watches will include a Tachymeter for even more precise timekeeping and featuring multiple Chronographs with luminous dial hands that help to view the time even when it’s completely dark. Like most branded watches, Burberry offers water resistance as well with most of the models 3-10 ATM/bars which allow the timepiece to be sunk from 30 to 1000 meters underwater to withstand the pressures. Some watch straps can be damaged if submerged in water longer than the recommended time but overall the timepieces with higher water resistance rating have resistant wristbands too.

DialDist.com Burberry wholesale watches stock consists of more than 250 different Burberry watch models. These branded watches have the requisite exquisite design and excellent build quality of consumer requests globally. These watches’ functionality can be appreciated every minute.

The DialDist.com Burberry wholesale distribution platform gives you access to these branded watches anytime of the day. To browse all of our available Burberry watches, you must visit our Shop page after Registering your account. If you have any questions, please visit our contact us page.

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