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DialDist.com offers numerous Guess watch models combined with wholesale solutions for our partners in the vast spectrum of the wristwatch style market. This is important because our partners who have worked with us for quite some time and have gained exclusive access to the wholesale brand watches global market and their retail businesses have grown rapidly with the help of our wholesale watches B2B sales solutions for a large variety of designer brands.

We have established numerous long term relationships and supported business growth for our customers. Guess Watches that are known for their colorful and noticeable design in the global market are available from our company warehouses in Asia and Europe. One thing is certain, the demand is there and so are the profits for your business.

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Guess Watches Description and History

The Guess  brand was founded in 1981, but the manufacturing of watches began in 1984 when Guess successfully entered the designer watches market. Guess watches are for everyone who has a substantial interest in the global fashion industry. Guess is a fashion brand based in the United States of America. Their main specialisation is numerous fashion accessories and clothing, especially those made from denim since they were one of the first companies to introduce branded denim clothing in the 80s market, but also  shoes and perfumes. Our wholesale catalog includes watches and jewellery. The offered product models have reached around 70-80 countries worldwide.

The launch of Guess watches was partly made possible with the help of Callanen International, Inc. which is a Subsidiary of Timex Corporation. They have been helping the Guess brand compete in the designer watch market with a strong emphasis on design, quality, and marketing.

DialDist.com offers you a large variety of Guess wholesale watches that have kept the highest quality of standards. Guess is a designer brand, therefore you should expect special fashion features and simple gadgets on these watches.

As all brands in the fashion industry Guess will offer you relatively similar watches that use the most popular Japanese quartz movements. In any case, they do offer numerous analog watch models that use the more complex mechanical watch movements. Most of the Guess designer watch models have got subdials that display seconds, minutes and the hours as the main feature separately.

The watch dial is largely protected by a solid mineral crystal against any damage. One of the most important designer watch qualities – the built quality – is especially good and parts are sealed with care in the manufacturing process that ensures proper water resistance.

The solid build quality for designer watches is the characteristic that makes or brakes the brands’ reputation, Guess holds this promise because this designer brand watches provide a fantastic quality standard, considering that the brand watches market is very competitive on pricing. Guess watches are suitable for a wide audience  and cater for all tastes unless you are very precise about the functionality of the watches.

Most of these watches have  leather, stainless steel, or even rubber straps that are made for more active people who enjoy for example sports activities.

Guess Watches Overall Design

Guess watches have a very outstanding design compared to other watch brands. This characteristic attracts the vast majority of people with different tastes in the wristwatch design and you can be sure that it shows in the overall brand market.

Describing Guess watch design points is not that difficult, for example, the numerous dial colours are what stands out at first. They range from hitean, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple and blue. This is great for people who wear numerous outfits and like their watch to match their outfit. 

Find the most popular Guess watch models in our wholesale catalog and satisfy the demand for these specific models in your local market, especially, for your retail shop. 



Wholesale Guess Watches DialDist.com

DialDist.com provides you with a platform that allows your business to distribute different brands including Guess. When your retail business is working with our B2B platform we offer you a great pricing and discount system.

The large wholesale stock in our catalog of Guess designer watches will allow you to explore numerous designs, colors, functionalities, and other features.

At our Guess wholesale watches B2B catalog, you will discover numerous popular designer watches that have gained a high global demand in the market.


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