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Wholesale Michael Kors Watches – B2B Distribution.

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Buying Michael Kors wholesale watches from DialDist.com

DialDist.com will provide you with a large variety of fashion brands that have made a a huge impact on the overall brand watch industry. The watches in our wholesale offering are guaranteed to represent a solution to the large demand by the general population. Michael Kors watches in particular are widely recognized regarding this aspect of the fashion industry, therefore we have a great opportunity to help our partners with the wholesale B2B solution for our customers – we guarantee sales of our models from this brand.

Like all of our products, when receiving your order of wholesale Michael Kors watches, we guarantee complete authenticity. It is important that you buy wholesale products from reputable wholesale distributors with official company registration number and origin, who just like DialDist.com, guarantee the product authenticity. Michael Kors has stamped their MK watches with their quality mark in order to distinguish and recognize the real product from their official manufacturers.

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Wholesale Michael Kors Watches Provided by DialDist

The Michael Kors brand was founded in 1981 by American designer Michael Kors, who, of course, gave the brand his own name and has expanded his product lines over the years substantially. The company sells clothes, shoes, a  large range of MK watches, handbags, and numerous other fashion accessories. Michael Kors watches have been a popular fashion trend among women and men of all ages.

The Design

As you might know, Michael Kors largely produces analogue watches with a  sophisticated designer look.  A huge part of the craftsmanship of these timepieces lies in the build that is adored by many watch enthusiasts. From each and every watch model a successful portrayal of individual crafting for  the brand is visible as a unique mark in the timekeeping world. The largest part of Michael Kors watch collections represent the current classic fashion trend, for example, watches dial styles include and consist of both Roman and Arabic numerals.

Quality and Overall Functionality

Michael Kors watches are manufactured to last many years after the first time you wear them , similarly to other reputable brand watches.

These watches consist of stainless steel cases and straps that are made with care and protect the watch from numerous everyday use situations, such as, water-resistance which range from 3 to even 10 bars for some more exclusive models. Michael Kors watches have precise Japanese quartz or even automatic timepiece movements. Like any other designer brand watches the watch straps are manufactured from genuine leather, stainless steel and rubber for more active use. Watch straps are combined with push-button deployment clasps.

Michael Kors designer watches/quality if just as high as any other designer watch regarding most of its functionality. It  displays more than just the time, other watch models might include numerous chronographs, calendar function and subdials for more precise timekeeping indicating 60 seconds, 60 minutes, and 24 hours.

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