Movado Watches Wholesale

Movado watches are a sought-after symbol of luxury and sophistication. This brand is requested all around the globe, therefore many retailers and resellers need a reliable source for these luxury watches. is a platform that brings convenience to wholesale luxury watch buyers while providing an access to Movado watches wholesale solutions.

We have a wide variety of timepieces from several famous brands. Nowadays, a luxury timepiece is a statement-making fashion accessory that stands out. Most people are interested in this product as a fashion accessory that will tell a bit more about themselves.

Recognition and style alone cannot guarantee reliability and longevity in the marketplace. To ensure the brand’s reputation and gain returning customers, quality is a vital factor. Even though luxury watches are more expensive to manufacture, we have managed to receive and provide the best Movado watches wholesale deals.

The success of any product-based business depends on the relationship between the wholesaler and retailer. For this reason, we highly value the relationship with our clients. We are always open to negotiations about terms and prices as well as logistics solutions.

Take advantage of a reliable and cost-effective luxury watch B2B system. This platform will allow you to purchase Movado watches at competitive wholesale prices. Create an Account today!

Movado Watches Wholesale


Increase customer satisfaction with high-quality watches. Anything less than the highest standard is not something that your customer will like.

A watch can’t really be luxurious if its not made by the highest quality standards. Therefore it’s very important to do a quality check after every batch of watches is made.

As a luxury watch brand, Movado is known for producing some of the most reliable timepieces in the world. Watches are built with the highest quality materials commonly used in the watchmaking industry.

In addition to automatic movements, Movado watches are also made with battery-powered quartz movements. If you wish to learn more, please read about watch movements.


Movado is a luxury watch brand that understands simplicity and practicality while adding a luxurious spin to make these timepieces look sleek. They come in many shapes and sizes, from classic designs to modern styles featuring the iconic dot. These watches can be worn with casual and special occasion outfits.

We offer wide range of designer watches to choose from. Whether you are a large company, a small retail store, or an account holder at a global marketplace we have a vast selection of luxury watches at wholesale prices that you will find nowhere else. Our Movado watches wholesale catalog offers something for everyone.

Movado Watches Wholesale Solutions

As a luxury watch wholesaler, we provide a progressive discount system.

This multilevel discount system is helping our clients to earn higher profits and compete with other luxury watch resellers.

Movado watches wholesale discounts:

  • Order 2+ pcs – get 10% off
  • Order 10+ pcs – get 25% off
  • Order 20+ pcs – get 30% off
  • For larger orders please Contact Us

Every watch retailer needs to be able to find a reliable and trustworthy wholesale watch supplier who can provide a wide range of products for competitive B2B prices. 

The core values of our company consist of individual approach, openness, communication, and accountability, which enable us to accomplish our goals efficiently and effectively.

All watches include an original presentation box, user manual, authenticity tags, and warranty booklets. Our standards are high quality and excellent service. Our clients are confident and happy to collaborate on a successful partnership. offers the best in customer service, high-quality products, and large discounts.

If you have an interest in the best Movado watches wholesale deals at competitive prices then please don’t hesitate to create an account or contact us.

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